UD 4

Mira este esquema sobre la función vital de reproducción:
Crear su propio mapa mental a MindMeister
Crear su propio mapa mental a MindMeister Review the contents showed in class:

By clicking in the next links you will see some interesting videos about reproduction: 1) http://www.edistribucion.es/anayaeducacion/8430042/UNIT_4/unit_04_video_05.html
2) http://www.edistribucion.es/anayaeducacion/8430042/UNIT_4/unit_04_video_06.html
3) http://www.edistribucion.es/anayaeducacion/8430042/UNIT_4/unit_04_video_08.html
Try to make this interactive activity beating your own score: Parts of a flower

11 comentarios:

  1. Fernando, you can put some videos of the reproduction? The videos that we going to see in class.

  2. Hi! I'm Diego. I don't know if Alejandro and I will going to show the powerpoint because he is going to do the exam. Are we going to show our job? Thanks.

    1. Hi Diego. If you are prepared, yu can show us your ppt tomorrow and Alejandro the next day.

  3. Hi! Can you put some activities of unit 4, please?

  4. Hello Diego! Would you ike to learn how to do this type of activities? Ask me next day.

  5. can you put a "word" with a summary of the unit???

  6. Sara Ramirez Places 2B this activities help me a lot, they are a little bit difficult but I did it!!



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